Friday, 21 February 2014

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Music Video // Final Version


This is the final version of our music video. We decided to change the club scene up a bit, and add a random strobe lighting rainbow effect as we felt something was missing from this section. Also while editing, we accidentally re-arranged the clips at this part, so they were no longer in the correct order, but we felt this made it look more frantic and way more enjoyable to look at, so we decided to keep it. We also were told we used this wrong version of our song, as this was an radio edited version, so we looked for the correct version as it dips in volume sometimes to match the real artists music video, which at times didn't work for our music video. So we corrected this.

Final thoughts:

I am very pleased with the overall turnout of this final version, I love what my group has achieved and believe this is the best we have done so far.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Music Video // third draft


This is the third draft to our music video. We have now added in the artist name, title of the song and the name of the record company copyright at the end. We also added a shaking effect to the multi-coloured strobe lighting effect part to make it seem wild and hectic. This has also been done in the club scene, but it very minimal.


Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome and what we have achieved with this music video. I feel we may need to add some more important changes to this draft to lead to our final draft.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Music Video // second draft

This is the second draft to our music video, featuring improvements. This now features the new and improved job scene, where the Ricky Rabbit attends a job interview. The location has now changed to a school staff room, giving a more professional look and not having the horrible classroom in the background. Also, this now includes the club scene, where Ricky Rabbit goes to the club to dance the night away and him walking into the club doors, to make it more authentic. 

The good:
The club scene looks very real, it looks like it has been filmed in an actual club due to the positioning and the lighting makes it look packed and amazing. Also, we as a group love the new job scene. Before we hated the classroom featuring in the back, we felt it spoilt the professional look of the entire music video so we just had to re-shoot it to meet up with our extremely high standards. So far, so good.

The bad:
We wanted the outside of the club to look relatively dark, as it's common knowledge that people go clubbing in the night. We decided to film during the day and then will try to make it darker in post production, but forgot in this draft so will have to do it for the next.

Overall, this music video is coming along pretty well.